The new up and coming Hellcat fueled Jeep is an inadequately hided mystery.

The Jeep trademarked the Trackhawk name in the year 2014. The Jeep was additionally observed to be tried in January. At this year the CEO Mike Manley authoritatively affirmed that the Jeep will be propelled at some point in 2017. Individuals have a lot of time to choose that regardless of whether they need to have this jeep.


It is conceivable that the Trackhawk would be the speediest SUV available in light of the fact that the guaranteed 0-60 time of only 3.5 seconds gives us that thought. This does exclude any semblance of Porsche, Bentley and BMW.

The Jeep would be a 707-torque Hellcat fueled one.

The new Jeep would accompany enormous power got from the whole intense supercharged Hellcat motor.

The Jeep will be a prevalent adaptation of its antecedents. Not everything about this Jeep has been uncovered yet so it is somewhat clear for you perusers to take everything when there’s no other option of salt.

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By stalking the Jeep and Surfing the web for quite a long time we’re getting our best take a gander at the madly effective Grand Cherokee Jeep. On the off chance that you watch h it from a separation it would look stately in dark.

Look at it nearly and you would see the SRT identifications and enormous brakes.

By looking past the wrappings you see substantial air admissions in the lower belt.

The Jeep will utilize four-wheel drive and would be appraised at 707 torque in the charger and Challenger Hellcats.


2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee has following specs:

Supercharged Hellcat motor

6.2 L unit which accompanies 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.

A couple of more things would be talked about in the motor segment!


The motor is quite top of the line one and it has a best speed of 160 mph.

The motor would give its speed a colossal lift and will influence it to fly from 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds towards getting a best speed of 200 mph.

The rest will be uncovered when the auto is accessible for buying.


From the looks of the considerable number of things which are uncovered about this Jeep it is somewhat clear that the Jeep is made to give abnormal state exhibitions to its proprietor. Execution insightful this Jeep will give an intense time to its rivals. The gigantic motor power will be directed to the wheels by means of a ZF 8-speed programmed transmission framework.


the insights about inside of the auto are kept as a mystery starting at now.

In any case, the presumptions of specialists reveal to you that it will have an exceptionally comfortable inside comprised of premium materials. The lodge would clearly be roomy giving adequate head hip and extra space to move around to everybody who might sit in this Jeep.


With the progression of time and when we will achieve the year 2017 everything identified with correct discharge date and cost would turn out to be clear for us. For the time being no one but it can be said for the benefit of gossipy tidbits that the vehicle would have a beginning cost of around $65,000.

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